Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My First Shopping Haul of 2012

My husband for some reason suggested we went shopping last Sunday!  Shopping? Sin suggesting? I nearly fell off my chair!  I immediately took up his offer, as it normally means I can go and buy whatever I want....I do love my husband.  So on Sunday we went to Stratford.  After a 30 minute wait in a queue for a refund I managed to break away and start hunting!

So probably not as much as I would have liked, but hey, still something right?

First stop one of my favourite shops, Forever 21.

Picked up this dress for £18, love the colour and spots! Seem to have a lot of spotty clothes!

These two were in the sale at buy one get one free, so £10 for both, thought really good with some shorts or jeans

The colour then drew me to this jumper, doesn't look that much on the front, but fell in the love with the back....

This was £22

Saw these and thought they were so cute, great for summer if we ever get one, otherwise on holiday

Never really realised until my husband mentioned it, another lace top! Loved the colour and thought it would look good with a pink vest top underneath.  This was £9

Next place I got something was Hollister.  I'm normally a big fan as I hate trying to find things at such low light.  Anyway thought I would have a nose around.

Got this lace (yes another lace) front cardigan, normally £45 but then at 30% off.  Had seen this before so was pleased when it was in the sale

Last top I bought was from Top Shop, £20 in the sale.  Just loved the pink, nice warm jumper with some jeggings.

So I got lots of tops and not much bottoms.  The last shop i managed to buy from was Sketchers.  I use to be a huge fan but then just never bought again once I went off trainers.  People that know me, know I normally wear boots or heels, tend not to wear trainers.  Thinking of my holiday, I can't really take boots as it would be too hot.  So bought these as thought would help with all the walking I would be doing.

Thank you to my husband for allowing me to shop! 


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