Friday, 20 January 2012

ClaireaBella Bag...the first of many!

I first came across ClaireaBella in a newspaper and seeing the TOWIE girls clutching one.  I then went onto do some research on the internet as I was fascinated by the designs!  They are gorg!

ClaireaBella Jute bags come in a range of sizes and designs.  The medium and large bags are available in two styles, the ClaireaBella Classic and ClaireaBella Originals.

The Originals are bespoke bags, which are subject to availability.  Because I couldn't wait, I chose the ClaireaBella Classic which is just as good.  I ordered mine just before xmas and received it the other day. I was so happy!

Each bag is hand painted and you get to choose the ClaireaBella Style, hair colour, hair style, eye colour and text.

My ClaireaBella with an elegant bow and Swarovski crystals.

A 'Hand Made in Love' silver charm

ClaireaBella has just launched a Valentines collection with bags as well...there are only 250 of them available, each with their own certificate.  Grab yours before they're all gone!