Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Part 1

A few years ago there was the Elephant Parade.. This year its the Faberge Egg Hunt.  For more info click here.

So there are 200 eggs hidden around London and the mission is to find them!  My husband for some reason really wanted to do this and as he doesn't do much exercise this was perfect.  We started off on late last week and only managed to find 29!  Big fail I think in 3 hours!  We had maps but some were difficult.  We chose to find the 'Where's Wally' Egg as it travels around and is a special one.  We heard it was around Charing Cross from the clues, as we were around there we thought we would go and find it.  We walked around Charing Cross twice and spent 30 minutes!  In the end we had to give up!  Better luck next time finding the 'Where's Wally' Egg I guess.



  1. i think finding 29 in three hours is really good! i like the bottom three on the left, they're so cute little character eggs...i've never done one of these, my brother has and he said it was a blast
    xoxo stephi