Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mini Marks & Spencer Haul

The other week I decided to treat myself to a few things at M&S.

The first being this pop art skirt, this design also came in a dress but I chose the skirt as I felt I can pair it up with a plain top and then some heels.

These shoes were probably my best find.  From the Limited Collection range at £19.50.  These came out over 2 years ago in black and purple.  I'm always fussy over my shoes and I like heels, so I always need them to be comfortable as I'm in them all day.  Anyway when I first got my pair, I loved them and eventually brought another pair as a back up as shoes always sell out.  I'm now on my 4th pair and then when I saw that they had other colours, I chose to get this pair to be ready for the Spring/summer! Am loving them!  At £19.50 you can't go wrong!



  1. I love the shoes
    <3 :D

  2. The skirt is amazing! -Jessica