Thursday, 1 March 2012

Twitter Hop #1

This has come from, a good opportunity to meet new tweeters.  The hop is on till Sunday 4th March.

Rules (simple ones) are as follows: -

1. Please follow BlogLoveTherapy (blog and/or twitter) and leave a comment on the blog.
2. Post about this hop on your blog, twitter, and facebook. This will help drive traffic to the hop. The more people know about it, the more likely you will be discovered.
*And don't forget to mention about the hop throughout the week.*
3. Hop around and be inspired by your fellow tweeters. You must follow at least 5 other tweeters.

Have fun.

My twitter is @Princessyunyun.  Leave me yours in the comments below.



  1. hey miss! i saw you over on bloghop and wanted to say i love your blog! though i don't have twitter i still thought i could show support by following you here <3

    follow me back?


    1. Thanks chick, will definitely follow back x