Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Part 4

So this weekend we went out to London for the fourth time to continue our egg hunt.  However this time we were lucky enough to be part of the TLC team for the Big Egg Hunt.  We were volunteers for the day and were in charge of one of the 12 zones.  We had to make sure all the eggs in the Knightsbridge/Sloane Sqaure area were all there and still not damaged as afterall the previous day was St Patricks Day.

So armed with our bag which had the map, baby wipes and cloth we set off!  As you can see Sin got well stuck in!


So with each egg you get the chance to take part in a prize draw but texting the word under the egg.  By taking part you could become part of the world record which they are trying to break and if they do break it, you will get a certificate sent.  ALso you are in with the chance to win the Diamond Jubilee Egg worth £100,000.

First text costs £3, with subsequent texts at 25p.  The promoters will receive at least £1.72 between them for the first text and 10.3p for the second and so forth.  So quite a bit of the money goes to charity.

So as we were cleaning, and texting, I still managed to find the eggs in the zone (it was one of the zones we hadn't done).  I also managed to come across Mclaren London which had an egg and that made my day as I love F1 and Jenson Button!

PS If you want to see the eggs but don't have time hunting for them, al the eggs will be together at Covent Garden between the 3rd and 9th April

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