Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week In Instagrams #1

With all the pictures I take, I thought I would do a post each week on my instagram pictures.  So this is my first one, so here goes.....

My momiji dolls, Momiji is doing a photo competition #momijisnaphappy.

Packing my @yykawaii item to be sent

Found this at the Southbank Centre, so sweet

No, I didn't know, but interesting.

Love The Royal Exchange

Couldn't resist!

My nail art

Thanks to Amy and Yik!

I should had been on a train at this time, but my stupid train got to Waterloo two minutes late!

My 'Skittle' message to Sin!



  1. ha that's great, the noodle thing is hillarious, i think if i slurped my noodles here, it would be like really looked down i'll keep it in mind for when,if i ever, get to Japan...which is 2nd on my wishlist countries to visit :)
    I miss skittles they don't have them here...when i asked at the store they kind of just looked at me like i was crazy...whatever :)
    xoxo stephi

    1. Hey Stephi
      no skittles? Where are you? Want me to send you some via a swapbox or something? x

  2. oh my goodness, you're too sweet! i would love to do a swapbox with you! :D *there should be a bigger d selection to depict my humongous smile at the moment*
    i'm currently living in greece, where do you live?