Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weekly Gratitude - Week 8

  • Thank you to my mum for helping me shorten my jeggings.....I just can't find trousers that are the right size for me, always too long :-(
  • Thank you to my husband for egg hunting with me again, we walked for 5 hours this time and he didn't complain! (My husband hates exercise of any nature!) PS we found the Wally egg!

  • Thank you to my dad for treating us to dinner last week, he wouldn't let us pay!
  • Thank you to all those who have supported YY Kawaii, my new venture.  Click here for more details
  • Thank you to my colleague Matt for buying me a drink after the meeting last week
  • Thank you to all my new blog followers - I hope my posts will continue to make you want to read my blog and continue to be a follower.  
  • A special thank you to Stephi chiika live love laugh, always leaving lovely comments for me.
  • Thank you to Amy for my Hello Kitty stickers, love them!

  • Thank you to all the people who purchased from me on ebay.  Had problems with paypal and they were all so patient with the situation.

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