Thursday, 1 March 2012

Weekly Gratitude - Week 7

  • Thank you to Hetal for taking me out to lunch the other day...we both needed it!
  • Thank you to the lovely people we came across when we were doing the big egg hunt....they told us where to find one of the eggs and I'm glad they did, as I would never have spotted it...would you have done?

  • Thank you to Sin's colleague for inviting us to his daughter's first birthday.  She was so cute

  • Thank you to my new followers on nearly at 100 followers! @Princessyunyun

  • Thank you to my new blog followers, I really appreciate your feedback and support


  1. was that egg pretending to be a balloon? :D great stuff sweety i like these posts
    xoxo Stephi

    1. yes it was! This was the one that someone had to tell us about as I would never have found it!

      Thanks for the feedback Stephi, really appreciate it x