Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 11

  • Thank you to my mum for buying me BB Cream in HK, the ones I always wanted to try (a review up later)

  • Thank you to my colleagues for making me welcome in my new role at work (start officially next week)
  • Thank you to everyone who has supported YY Kawaii, I really do appreciate it.  So far ay 87 followers.  There will be a giveaway at 150 followers.  If you haven't done so already, please find YY Kawaii on Facebook at Twitter
  • Thank you to my cousin Andy for helping me design the logo for YY Kawaii

  • Thank you to the Big Egg Hunt for allowing us to volunteer and help them with the maintenance of their eggs

  • Thank you to all my followers on the blog, I have now gone up to 38 followers, was on 31 last week.  I will be having a giveaway soon at 75 followers.  
  • Thank you to all my likes on instagram.  You can find me @princessyyun



  1. awww you're the cutest blogger I think :) and you go girl! can I pull that off? ha probably not..what I mean is best of luck on your new job position, and i wish you tons of blessings :)
    XO stephi

    1. Thank you, will wait and see how it goes, will keep you posted x