Monday, 21 March 2011

Who's got the X Factor?

O2 yesterday was bombarded with screaming teenage girls and their mums and then there were 5 of us, 5 twentysome colleagues who probably did not fit into the X Factor fan category!

We started off the evening by enjoying some dinner at las iguanas.  The menu was a laugh or maybe I was thinking in a weird way.

I thought the menu said you could ask for a girlfriend (gf)!  Bobo, a Brazilian Classic....but however after a few seconds I realised it meant gluten free! Silly me!

We even managed to squeeze in time to be silly!

Can you spot us?

So anyway back to the main topic...who in our eyes would have the X Factor tonight? Was Wagner going to impress us for once? What about Katie, would she throw a strop or actually sing?  The line up included Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, Cher, Mary, Wagner, Katie, Aiden and Paige.  ONE DIRECTION!!!!  Cher opened the show and after a few more songs she was on again, with no sign of One Direction!!  Where were they??  Well they definitely left the best to last!  Finally when they got on, they did not disappoint!  They sung Rhianna and Kelly Clarkson, two of their best songs on the show.

Chris and Dom having a good time! 

Rebecca was amazing and stunning while Matt took our breath away! Even the boys were shouting 'I Love Matt Cardle'!

Although after hearing such amazing voices on the night (excl Wagner and Katie!), the real stars who had the real X Factor had to be this bunch........


photos can be found on is however taking time to upload!

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