Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cooking and me do not fit into the same equation

As you will begin to learn, I am not a cook.  Cooking was definitely not on Sin's pad when he asked me to marry him, if it was, I think I would still be single today! Surprising since Food is one of Sin's priorities :-).

So day off today and whats the first things I do after having some breakfast????.....prepping tonight's food, yes believe it or not, I have been busy cutting up chicken!

I don't like rushing in the evening so I thought I would start prepping tonight's meal this morning, and the fact that Sin said I should really marinate it and leave it otherwise there would be no flavour (I don't normally add flavour to my food!!!)

So guests tonight is my younger brother and my dear husband...hopefully they will like the dishes ;-)...watch this space and their reactions and most importantly my final result!!!

(The picture here was taken from the Lomo Lomo programme on my iphone using the Diana Camera)

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