Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Judgement Night

So preparation was well underway this morning, and it was time for the moment of truth....I continued to slave away in the kitchen making sure my mess was kept well under control!!

Final result.....

Chicken and cucumber, Lettuce wrapped meat parcels, and broccoli...hmmm, I did wonder how they would taste.  Yik and Sin became my guinea pigs for the evening.

Yik seems to be managing a smile!

Sin was deep in thought!

Final verdict, well they didn't say they didn't like it, so I think a good evenings work! Hmmm what to cook now tomorrow...decisions.  I wonder if there is an app that chooses what to cook for you...oh well food for thought for another day



  1. I'll suggest a dish of the day for u if u like hehe

  2. Cool...am trying to plan next week's meals as I need to do the shop on sat! x