Thursday, 17 March 2011

Show Japan Your Love

I was inspired by the Lomography site after reading their article/competition called 'Help Japan - A Hug goes a Long Way'.  The idea of this was to show Japan our love, support and that we care.

Some say the power of a Hug is worth more than gold.  As a child, when we were scared and sad, a hug from an elder or a friend was enough to help us get through a hard time.  

Lomography users were then encouraged to submit photos of hugs, hearts and encouragement.  So I wanted to use the post today to show Japan my love and support for them by using some of my photos.

Next time you see a heart or see someone hugging, think of Japan.

I wanted to also use the opportunity to ask for your support.  Madame Moi has created a Pray for Japan brooch, based on a Japanese flower.  Check out the video below: -


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