Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hong Kong Shopping Haul

I know I seem to have had a lot haul blogs recently but I really wanted to show you these.

My mum and dad had been in HK for 3 weeks and came back today.  I did get a text yesterday afternoon from Cathy Pacific telling me that their plane was departing at 0:25am.  The scheduled time was 1:05am, so I wondered what was happening.  On the net it said exactly the same thing and that it was arriving here at 6.20am.  I assumed that Cathy hadn't updated their hours on the net so they were going to arrive at 7.20am instead, after all the clocks were going forward.

So left the house at 6.30am to get to Heathrow, got a call at 7am saying that they were waiting for me...oops, they had landed at 6.10am! oh well.....I still got my pressies from my mum!

Mum managed to give me stuff - enough to fill a suit case!

Starting from top left hard corner, going clockwise, paper face masks, hanging hand towels, sweets and snnacks, more whitening paper face masks, melon sweets, cow seat (more on that later), Missha BB Cream Cleansing Oil and Missha Beauty Products!

So majority of the gifts were beauty products, but the thing I'm sure you think stick out is the cow seat.  So what is the cow seat?

Well its a flatpack box, when made up, you get to sit on it, brilliant for storage and excellent as a seat, strong enough to even stand on it!  Did have another animal as well (this I brought myself when I went back 2 months ago, but did not have enough luggage space!), but mum had to send it for me as she didn't have luggage space!

I want to go back to HK and shop!!!


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