Sunday, 13 March 2011

Be The Dice Man

Ever heard of the book called 'The Dice Man'?  Well the book tells the story of a psychiatrist who decides to make decisions based on a roll of a dice.  As you can imagine handing over your life to dice means anything can happen.

So Lomography Gallery London decided to base a workshop around this.  'Be the Dice Man with the Diana F+'.  The idea of the workshop incorporated the chance aspect of Lomography.  As a group we wondered the streets around Carnaby Street with a dice in one hand and a sheet in another telling us what to shoot depending on the roll of the dice.

(Taken with the Diana Camera on the Lomo Lomo Application on the iphone 4)

Some of the options available included: -

  • Shoot a tourist
  • Walk 15 steps, shoot up
  • Shoot Love
Some of my photos are below: -

(A double exposure shot - Cupcake shop in the background with the Lomography stickers - taken with the Diana F+ with Flash)

(Another double exposure shot with the Lomography crew and Traffic People - one of my favourite shops - Diana F+)

(Some of the Lomo Workshop group - Diana F+)

(The prophecies 1 and 2 - Diana F+)

(Not sure what I was trying to do here! Diana F+)

(I had spun round 5 times and took the first thing I saw - double exposed though! - Diana F+)

Definitely a fun workshop and something I tried again today (more on that later).  Maybe one day I may use the dice to decide what lottery numbers I should choose!


P.S.  The book is highly rated, so if you are looking for a book to read, give it a go xoxo

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