Saturday, 12 March 2011

Why Do We Pull Faces?

...that is my question of the day, if I was to ever have one!  After going through my pictures today, I came across a number of pictures where we are pulling  faces.  Is it because we're in pain?  Upset? or just being plain silly?  I will let you decide....and at the same time have a laugh!

(Why is Yik upset and what am I trying to do? Taken with iphone 4)

(Is Yik in pain?  Taken with Lomo Lomo application with the Double Exposure camera)

(Looks like I'm in pain now! Taken with iphone 4)

(Not sure what Sin is trying to do! Taken with iphone 4)

(I think Sin is a bit upset that I forced him to model these ear muffs! Taken with iphone 4)

(Sin pulling another face! Taken with Lomo Lomo application with a Diana)

And finally nothing to do with the post, but I wanted to post a picture of Hello Kitty, as I'm such a huge fan! Sad I know!  Think I will post one everyday at the end of my blog

(Taken from Lomo Lomo Application using Double Exposure Camera)

I wonder what other funny faces we end up pulling in the future?


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