Friday, 25 March 2011

Apple Launch - Is it worthit?

With just over a year since the first ipad launched, Apple are releasing their ipad 2.  So many people have been queueing for over 2 days! Yes two days!  Would you do something like that?  I definitely wouldn't.  I did think about if I would queue for anything for that long....hmmm.  Not sure.  I did queue 3 hours to get a 'I'm not a Plastic Bag' from Anya Hindmarch in New York, but I don't think I could queue for much longer.

So is the ipad 2 worthwhile?  Well it is lighter, slimmer and has a camera.  Can you imagine holding the ipad 2 up in a concert taking a pic???  Over the pass few months I have turned into an Apple Freak, with a iphone, macbook air and ipad, so will I get the ipad 2 to join the collection?  Probably not.  The functions on the ipad are suitable for me as it is, I don't need the extra functions, and I think with my collection of cameras, I don't think I would need another one to add to the collection so soon!

Good luck to all the people below, who were in the queue at Bluewater today at 8.30pm, I hope you were able to get a nice ipad 2.


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