Saturday, 26 March 2011

Nails Inc Beauty Haul Part 2

A couple of days ago, I spoke about the special edition that I had ordered from Nails Inc.  The package arrived the other day and I wanted to share it wit you as I am very excited over it.

I used the opportunity to buy some other bits as well!  A girl can never have too many nail varnishes...oh and the pink nail varnish was a gift.  You can become a member with Nails Inc for £5 a year.  You get 10% off every purchase, a free nail varnish and a birthday present.  Yes I am a sucker for deals like that.

Anyway back to the special edition, the packaging was gorgeous, it had a great britain flag bow, which was very cute and then a number of crowns on the packet.

The finished piece!

I managed to try the Kensington Top Coat as well, I had heard some good reviews on this but wasn't too sure.  I applied a coat after the colour, it went on very easily and very smooth and it dried very quickly.  My nails feel really good after the top coat...something I would definitely recommend!

I placed a second order with Nails Inc, yes 2 in one week!  They were doing a lucky dip, 5 nail varnishes, 1 was to be the Chelsea Base coat, for £10.  Normal cost £56!  What a bargain! Sorry, I didn't manage to get the message across sooner as I was at work.  This offer sold out by about midday!  I will keep you in the loop of any offers in the future


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